The APEH Co short guideline

Our aim and focus is always focused in the following few points:

Fish farming experience

Freshwater species & Saltwater species. From small local productions, 100Tn/ year, to full scale integrated operations, 6000Tn/year.

Shrimp farming experience

From broodstock to full grow out, including all the steps and high quality PL supply. With focus on environmental input and controlled discharge.

Pond, cage and RAS experience

Adjusting farming technology to the options and expertise available as a way to ensure the production targets and economic goals.


Desing assistance and detail design of aquaculture systems.

Water quality

Water quality & biochemistry assistance. Fine tuning of water

All production

All production related topics; from production planning to optimization of logistics, fish transport and species specific best aquaculture practices.

Detailed procedures and work instructions to ensure appliance to best practices across the operation.

Feeding review

Feeding review. Specific feeding table creation adapted to the farming conditions and the feed available.


Training sessions upon demand in the needed topics...

The Team

Our team comprehends a very diverse group of highly skilled and qualified professionals from different companies, countries and with different backgrounds.

These allows us to provide a complete approach to any aquaculture facility, case & project: existing or future.

Esben Holm

International Shrimp and Fish Farmer & Aquaculture Consultant for over 40 years

Esben Holm

Johan Hansen

Trout & Salmon production world expert since 1980

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